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We at SPORTSMASTERS have been a private handicapping service for over 40 years! Over that time we have been constantly honing our data and selecting the best possible winning results. We have built a small but select clientele.

We are now offering our services to the general public to expand and grow our success. Don't be fooled or enticed by others' outrageous claims of winning percentages. We believe in a steady and consistent style of handicapping that has always yielded positive results.

SPORTSMASTERS combines over 40 years of sports handicapping experience with the latest machine learning technologies to provide customers with the most accurate predictions possible!

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Many football handicappers sites showcase their top rated sports betting handicappers. With so many sports betting picks and stats to choose from, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed with information. What they complicate, we simplify.

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Sports betting odds and sports betting systems can only ever be so accurate. That's why we layer the latest in machine learning technology on top of ours to dramatically improve our results when we handicap baseball.

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Our sports handicapping software (web-based) is not only world class, but we also offer some of the lowest priced subscription packages for both NBA and NCAAB! Simply select your preferred package and enjoy our winning selections.

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